World’s Lowest Power
Capacitive Sensors with
Optimizing the Sensors Signal Chain for Low-Power Design

Sensor circuits rely on a signal chain to pick up the initial signal, convert it to digital, and algorithmically massage it. For circuits that rely on battery power or even harvested energy, power efficiency can make or break the design's success. Each link in the chain -- the sensor, the interface circuitry, the processor -- must be optimized for maximum power efficiency. Learn the most power-efficient way to implement your low-power sensor app design from two experts with practical design experience. One example will cover general sensing and the integrated signal chain; the other example will cover capacitive proximity switching integrated with an auto-calibration circuit.

Join EDN Sr. Technical Editor, Analog and Systems, Stephen Taranovich and a panel of industry experts live on May 15th for this exclusive EDN editorial webcast.
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